Sunday, 4 August 2013

2 Ways to Get Hundreds of Likes on Instagram Guaranteed! (August 2013)

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My last post about Instagram seemed to interest you guys a lot so I decided to do another, but this time about how to get likes. Using my methods I can guarantee you hundreds of likes!

This website is so easy to use. All they ask is for you to create another 'fake' Instagram profile with atleast 5 photos and they'll give you 200 likes on each photo. You don't need to give them your password or anything suspicious. Also, I believe that they're making a feature to get followers too! (PS If you sign up it would be really nice if you said 'JoanneSheppard' referred you)

This is an app on my Iphone (although I think there's an android app too). Basically you like a persons photo and you get a credit for it which can be exchanged into likes. I know there are other websites online like this but this app makes it very quick and easy. The only problem is they put a limit on how many photos you can like an hour unless you pay. It's still so good though!


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